Sign in Hotmail or Outlook is not difficult. On this page, we will only describe how you can do your best to Hotmail login email.

From the beginning, you can login through different channels. The most common way to sign in is through the form on the Hotmail website.

Alternatively, you can also choose to read emails with Windows Mail, Outlook, etc… Then you can read your mail through your computer without having to open the web browser. You only have to sign in with your Hotmail email and password.


What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a free email service, with 360 million users, the largest email provider in the world. Managing an email address via Hotmail is simple and has many benefits. So you can read your e-mail on any device and its operation is very simple and self-explanatory. To create your own email address, you must first sign up for an account. Then you can get started right away.

‘Register Hotmail’ or ‘Login Hotmail’?

Hotmail login” or “Hotmail sign in” means the same thing. Hotmail uses the word “subscription” when you want to open your mailbox. To return your mailbox, Hotmail uses “unsubscribe”. Signing in to Hotmail is sometimes used incorrectly in spoken language instead of “creating an account.” The new version of Hotmail Outlook also uses the term ‘registry’ on the login window.

In the Hotmail (after login) environment, there are services that you can subscribe to. Then you do not have to sign in all the time, but you can still use additional options in Hotmail. If you use the service for the first time, you will be automatically registered. Everything is free unless this is explicitly stated.

Hotmail service

I can login to any service on Hotmail. The most common reason people create Hotmail accounts is that they want to record their personal email address, but there are other services that Hotmail offers. If you sign up for Hotmail today, you will receive:

  • Free email address
  • Manage contacts
  • Online calendar
  • Online Storage – Sky Drive.

Free email address

With Hotmail’s email address, you get a very private address where people can contact your inbox. Because it can happen that your name has been used by a name, different extensions (after the @ symbol) are provided.

Manage contacts

With built-in contacts, you can easily keep track of who your email address is. If you want to send an e-mail, the contact will automatically open, then you have to click on the recipient of the message you want. You can also add data yourself, such as your phone number and home address. Hotmail contacts can also be easily obtained

export and import, making it compatible with other contact books like Gmail or direct mail window.

Online Work Program

Online calendar is a handy tool that you can use as a virtual calendar. With today’s synchronization, it’s no problem to have a Hotmail calendar synchronized with your smartphone, tablet, or another computer. You can also set that you receive an email when your appointment is coming.

Sky Drive

Skydrive is an online storage space that can easily be used as a backup or archival storage. Another advantage is that from now on you can reference these documents anywhere on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The alternatives are google drive or Dropbox.

How to Login to Hotmail account

Hotmail login via web.

The most common way to read Hotmail emails is through the Hotmail website. With this, you can read and send emails online. Here is a simple step-by-step plan on how to sign in with your Hotmail email address.

  1. Visit the Hotmail website –
  2. You will see the login form in the middle of the page. (Use the link from step 1 to go directly to the Hotmail login page.) Click on the first field that you can enter.
  3. Enter your Hotmail address and click the blue ‘next’ button
  4. Now enter your password
  5. Click the blue “Sign in” button
  6. Yeah, you’re already logged in.
Do not have a Hotmail address yet? First, look at the Create Hotmail account.

Hotmail login with the mail program

It can also configure an email program. This allows you to read emails from your personal account on your computer without having to log in again. Depending on the system you are working on, there are some email programs available.

Windows is installed as standard on Windows machines, allowing you to work flawlessly. People with Apple Macintosh will probably want to use the ‘Mail’ program. Finally, all programs do the same and configure them is not difficult.

Hotmail login with different email programs

There are some free mail programs that you can sign up for. In the first place, you do not have to look far. By default, each system has an email client. When working with Windows systems, the Windows Mail program is extremely suitable for use with Hotmail.

Windows Mail published by Microsoft automatically configures your email account. Today, Hotmail has been replaced by Outlook. You may have to point out that you have an Outlook mail address. In fact, this is exactly the same as Hotmail. You will not encounter any problems while signing in to Hotmail.

An alternative to Windows Mail is Outlook Express, which is included in the paid Microsoft Office software package.

Apple Macintosh users can also use the standard ‘Standard’ program. From experience, I know that there are frequent complaints about Apple mail not working properly. In addition, you can use the free Mozilla Thunderbird. Many paid alternatives are also available through the Appstore. Just search for ‘mail client’ in the Appstore.

Configure email program configuration

When you choose to use the alternate mail program or email client, you may have to manually enter the server settings. Find the appropriate settings on the help page How do I set up my smartphone or tablet for Hotmail? The same settings are also applied to computer programs.