Cycloid raises 3 million euros to internationalize its DevOps platform

The Parisian start-up takes this opportunity to equip its platform with a graphical modeling console for infrastructure-oriented cloud architectures as code.

French publisher of a DevOps platform, Cycloid is closing its first fundraiser. A € 3 million loan was made to Orange Digital Ventures (ODV), Orange’s investment fund focused on seed-stage operations. With this contribution, the young growth intends to consolidate its presence on the French market while launching its commercial deployment internationally. In the spotlight: Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Israel and Sweden. To give itself the means of its ambitions, Cycloid intends to go from 25 employees to 50 within a year.

From code repository to production

Founded in 2015 by Benjamin Brial, former sales manager of eNovance (since acquired by Red Hat), Cycloid has already printed its brand in the French ecosystem of the cloud. As one of the few French players certified Advanced Technology and Consulting partner by AWS , the company targets both large accounts wishing to industrialize their DevOps approach and small teams seeking to equip it. Claiming France Télévisions, Frizbiz, Millésima or Warner Bros among its references, it has distinguished itself since 2017 by winning the EuroCloud France trophy in the start-up category .

Cycloid covers the whole DevOps cycle, from code repository to production. With the key, for each step of the workflow, the implementation of open source tools selected on the pane: Ansible (for configuration management), Docker and Kubernetes (for container architectures), Terraform (for infrastructure as code), Prometheus and Grafana (for monitoring), Vault (for access management) … With gateways to Slack, GitHub or Bitbucket, the product is built around an integrated console combining everything. It orchestrates the processes of continuous deployment and integration (CI / CD), the description and documentation of architectures, production routines, logs, not to mention the monitoring of events and the supervision of the consumption of cloud services and expenses. associated.

“Our continuous integration engine is natively based on the Concourse open source tool, knowing that it is always possible to connect a third-party CI application if needed,” comments Benjamin Brial. The same goes for the other components of the platform. “The solution is completely modular: for access management for example, we can connect a tool other than Vault, or use Elastic Stack to centralize the logs, etc.,” writes Benjamin Brial. Along with AWS, Cycloid claims the ability to deploy its product on any cloud.

“In the end, our offer combines the advantages of a CMP with those of a PaaS, but without being so restrictive”, argues Benjamin Brial. A catalog of services gives access to a series of pre-parameterized projects to deploy Drupal, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Magento infrastructures … With for each, the entire stack that goes well (CI / CD pipeline, configuration management, infrastructure as code …). With a private mode, the catalog can host in parallel the services specific to each client and distributed internally by the ISD.

Hitherto accessible on-premise or in cloud mode only on request, Cycloid benefits from its fundraising to decline its solution in the form of a public SaaS offer payable online by credit card. Its entry price is 45 euros per user per month. Given this hybrid approach, Cycloid is focusing on both a direct and indirect marketing strategy. “For the indirect, we are deploying a program of partnerships federating agencies, ESN and cloud providers,” said Benjamin Brial.

Coming soon on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure

More interestingly, the company also announces to enrich its product with a graphical modeling console of cloud architectures cut for the visual development of infrastructure as code. It allows you to drag and drop the various cloud services required for an application: load balancing manager, front-end instances, database … Then configure their links and set their variables. At the end of the race, the corresponding Terraform code is automatically generated in the logic of a code editor in Wysiwyg . For the time being limited to AWS, Cycloid plans to extend the console to Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure by the end of the year.

The company is enriching its product with a graphical architecture cloud architecture console designed for the visual development of infrastructure as code. © Cycloid