Slack Announces Launch of $ 80Million Venture Capital Fund

The real-time collaborative specialist has partnered with six California investment firms to create a venture capital fund. It aims to finance publishers developing on its platform.

With 2 million daily active users and 570,000 paid accounts, Slack is committed to becoming the company’s cloud collaboration platform. For now, about 150 applications can integrate with its offering to generate update alerts and other notifications.

In an effort to attract more publishers to its environment, San Francisco announces it has partnered with six California investment firms to create an $ 80 million venture capital fund (read the official announcement). ). These are Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, KPCB, Spark, and Social + Capital. Purpose of this fund: to support publishers developing applications on Slack. The start-up says it already finances three companies (Howdy, Awesome and Small Wins.)

With this initiative, Slack wants to give itself every opportunity to win against some competitors (including HipChat Atlassian). The company of Stewart Butterfield knows indeed that its offer can be copied, but that its ecosystem, passed a certain critical mass, will not be able, or in any case, less easily. It remains to be seen whether in the long term its partners will find themselves in terms of economic model.

At the same time, Slack announces the launch of a corporate directory cloud service that will allow its customers to orchestrate access rights to the various applications available on its App store.