How to set up a Hotmail or outlook account on an Android smartphone?

The purpose of this article is to share his experience and help others who have similar problems configuring their Hotmail account (or Outlook) on their Android smartphone.

Set up your Hotmail / Outlook account on your smartphone

Here’s an easy way to set up an email app on your Android smartphone when your email application cannot automatically set up your Hotmail / Outlook account:

1. Go to your app’s Settings / Settings and Add new account.

2. Select manual configuration.

3. Select IMAP if you are asked what kind of account it is. This type of account allows you to simply synchronize email between all of its devices.

4. Use the following settings:

  • Identification number:

Username / Email address: (or /

Enter your password.

  • IMAP Server (or Install Inbound Settings)

IMAP server address:

Secure connection (SSL):

Variation enabled (smartphone): Type of security: SSL / TLS

Port number: 993

  • SMTP Server (or Install External Settings)

SMTP server address:

Secure connection (SSL):

Variation enabled (smartphone): Security type: STARTTLS

Port number: 587

The naming/procedure is pretty much the same depending on the Android device. But there may be minor variations depending on the messaging application used, the Android version and the specifics of your smartphone manufacturer.

Other ways to check your Hotmail or Outlook account

Do not want to bother to set up your Hotmail / Outlook account yourself?

There are two other ways to simplify the management of your email:

Of course, you can download and install the Outlook app from Google Play for Android. All you have to do is enter your username and password, no other settings needed to send and receive mail from your email inbox to Hotmail or Outlook.

Instead of installing and using the official Outlook app, you can check your e-mail from the webmail. You will be able to manage email directly from your browser through the mobile version of, which you can find at this address:

Using the mobile version of ‘, you will not have a specific profile to perform, you will only need your login (email address/password).

Brief History of Hotmail

Again, the Hotmail account is a free email service belonging to Microsoft, the famous Windows operating system publisher.

Among the predecessors of webmail, Hotmail was especially used in the late 90’s and 2000’s. It was linked to the MSN Messenger instant messenger (later renamed to Windows Live Messenger).

Microsoft then decided to rename the email by renaming the MSN Hotmail service, then Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and finally