SecureWorks, Dell’s subsidiary will go public

Dell is seeking to finance its acquisition of EMC, and to introduce a subsidiary on the stock market will help it. The official SecureWorks pre-IPO document is now public.

Dell has to buy EMC for $ 67 billion, but funding for this massive operation has yet to be clarified. According to the Wall Street Journal , Dell would still seek to raise $ 10 billion. The sale of Perrot Systems for $ 5 billion is a track explored, such as that of Quest Software, SonicWall, and AppAssure. The IPO of a subsidiary would also allow Dell to obtain funds, and that seems to be the case with SecureWork. The official pre-IPO document of this subsidiary, filed with the SEC, is no longer confidential, which means that the road show in front of investors can officially begin within three weeks.

The movement is launched, even if all the details are not yet known, such as the sum that can lift Dell through the operation. Michael Dell’s company has in any case bought SecureWorks 612 million dollars, in 2011. Today, this security tool provider would be worth 2 billion, even if its net result indicates a loss of nearly 60 million dollars in the first nine months of 2015. Its growth is indeed dynamic, rising in one year from a turnover of 191 million to 245 million dollars, still in the first nine months of 2015.