Oracle quarterly: cloud up sharply, profit down sharply

The Saas and PaaS have reported nearly half a billion sales to Oracle in the last quarter. However, the company’s net profit decreased by 12%.

Oracle has just released the financial results of its second quarter, completed in late November. They reveal a turnover of 8.9 billion dollars, down 6%. The net profit also fell, but even more frankly (-12%), to reach 2.19 billion dollars. The strong dollar is partly responsible, said the California supplier. However, this decline in earnings did not prevent Oracle’s share price from gaining a bit and then 2% following the publication of these results.

The company founded by Larry Ellison also unveiled the revenue generated by its cloud activities. In all, these activities brought in $ 649 million, which is as much as 26% more than last year for the same period. In detail SaaS and PaaS generated 484 million (+ 34%), which leaves 165 million (+ 7%) for the IaaS. But today, the cloud represents only 5% of the turnover of Oracle, the software on premise (license and support) weighing them 71%.

In parallel with these results, Oracle also announced that it has appointed Renée James, former Intel number 2, to its board of directors.