Marketing: Salesforce Offers MinHash Data Scientists

The tenor of the CRM has just acquired a very young shoot that proposes to improve the relevance of marketing campaigns through machine learning.

Salesforce has confirmed the acquisition of MinHash, a young Californian startup that wants to put machine learning in the service of marketing. Its platform, and virtual assistant Aila, promise more specifically to detect emerging trends on the internet, and to propose accordingly campaigns more targeted and more relevant. The start-up was founded in March 2014 by data scientists who previously worked for eBay and Avaya.

The amount of the acquisition has not been disclosed. On its website , the Minhash team explains how to join Salesforce in order to continue its machine learning efforts “on a much larger scale, at the world’s leading CRM”. Some people are already imagining that Salesforce will use this acquisition to build a new Big Data or marketing analytics offering, which has been pending for some time (read our article What Salesforce Will Do With Its Analytics Solutions ). Salesforce had already offered a virtual assistant (RelateIQ, for nearly $ 400 million), which it has now integrated into its offer for SMEs and small businesses (read SalesforceIQ: to add intelligence to the customer relationship ).

The platform MinHash will in any case stopped on January 21, is it now written on the company’s website.