How do I choose a personal address?

Choose an address that other people can remember. Thanks to Hotmail, you have free access to popular domains like @ or In addition to the domain or vendor, choosing the username is the most important. If your name has been used, you may consider another extension or domain.

Mail addresses can be divided into 3 parts: username, domain name, and extension. An address will look like this: username@domainname.extension. A good email address is for life. It’s like finding a house; You are looking for a place to stay. Annual moves will be a big hassle. It’s the same with an email address. Incidentally, an e-mail address is not case-sensitive.


Username is the most important part, the most cursed of the email address. The most important thing is that the part will identify you. People are cursed because your name is usually not free anymore. The best username includes the name and/or surname of your family without many bells and whistles. Be very careful with the nickname or the name of the origin. The use of data (year of birth) is not recommended. A typical example for John Peeters; Here, they and their names are ‘together’ without anything in the middle.

When your name is no longer available, you can do three things:

  • Select a domain or other extension. For example
  • Set the character between the first and last name. For example: (dot), (dash), (hyphen)
  • Select a personalized domain (payment). Example: or

Be careful with creative suggestions on when to create your email. Not only can you remember your username but also your full address. To access your mailbox, you must use a full e-mail address. If you do not remember the username of the email, you will no longer be able to sign in.

Domain and extension

At Hotmail, you can choose between different domains. You will have to choose during the process of creating your account. It does not matter what you choose. If you can select multiple domains with your chosen username, choose the best one for you personally. At the time of writing, you can choose from @ or Previously, other domains were available with national extensions like @ or @ Unfortunately, you can not choose when Hotmail makes available any domain.