How can I use Hotmail email?

Hotmail address is a full email address, 100% of the function. You can use the best Hotmail for informal communication. For example, between friends and family or shop at your favorite web store. In addition, Hotmail accounts provide access to various Microsoft services, such as online calendars or personal storage. (OneDrive).

All Microsoft services

In addition to sending, receiving and storing messages, you can use other services with a Hotmail. If you login Hotmail website, you will automatically be redirected to the email platform. If you then click the upper left of the icon, a menu will appear. In that menu, you will find all the applications and services that you can use. On the start page is the list of the most important services of Hotmail.

Other online accounts

In a store or app, you can usually create an account. Always to create an accepting user account requires an email address to verify your identity. Depending on the security level of your site, you will be allowed to use a Hotmail address. In 90% of cases, a Hotmail email will be accepted.

To prevent fraud, it could be that Hotmail or Outlook are not accepted. Since Hotmail offers a free service, anyone can create an account in your name. Financial applications and identity-sensitive so often will only allow addresses to provide services. For example @, @, @ …

Professional email for work

Hotmail is not recommended if you regularly have to send emails in a professional context. It is not easy to check the source of an email with Hotmail. Everyone can create a Hotmail. When you email co-workers and customers, a Hotmail is not reliable. It’s better to use email from the same job. If you do not have a work email, it is best to use the email address obtained through your internet service provider.