Hotmail sign up

Mail Hotmail is a product of Microsoft, just like After the development of Outlook, the company decided to close Hotmail and transfer all users to the Outlook service. However, the ability to register for Hotmail mailboxes is still available.

How to register Hotmail account:

To sign up, you need to visit the website and click on the “Register“.

First, you need to give the name of the mailbox and password for it. You should also choose the suffix of the box – or Mark, consent to receive promotional mail, you can not put.

Keep in mind that you not only subscribe to a mailbox but also register a full account on Microsoft. And so use other services from Microsoft, eg skype or live.

We click the “Next” button and go to the page where you will be asked to provide your first and last name by clicking “Next” and you will be asked to specify your country of residence and date of birth. Indicate and click “Next”.


After filling in all the fields, you will be asked to confirm the creation of the mailbox, as this requires you to enter an authentication image.

Actually, this registry of outlook mailboxes ends.


By clicking on the “Next” button, you will be taken to the page where you will see the presentation window. To get into the box, you need to wait until the “Hello” slide shows a white arrow, on the next slide you will be provided to set the time zone, mailbox type, and style. alphabet. Of course, you cannot configure anything and just click on the arrow.


After the presentation, you need to wait until Microsoft “introduce a few things.”


When you see the text that everything is ready, that means your registration and account setup has ended and you can finally use Microsoft – Outlook or Hotmail. Also here you are informed that with this address, you can use other Microsoft services without registration in each service.

Click add we get to your mailbox!


As you can see, you already have a new letter from the Microsoft team. To open the message, double-click the message.

Congratulations on signing up with