End of Unlimited Storage in OneDrive for the General Public: Microsoft Responds to User’s Grumbling

Faced with the outcry that followed the announcement of the end of unlimited storage in OneDrive for Office 365 Family, Personal and University subscribers, Microsoft is making arrangements.

In October 2014, Microsoft launched a no-limit file storage offeringon OneDrive for Office 365 Family, Personal, and University subscribers. Evoking abuse, he announced a little over a year after wanting to return to a limitation from January 2016, fixing it at 1 TB. The publisher also put an end to its OneDrive packages of 100 and 200 GB, with the willingness to substitute for an offer capped at 50 GB for $ 1.99 per month. As for its free entry-level OneDrive service, it went from 15 GB to 5 GB. Microsoft gave 12 months to Office 365 subscribers who had benefited from its unlimited offer to clean (up to a limit of 10 TB used) , and return to 1 TB.

While a petition calling for the return of the unlimited offer currently collects more than 72,000 signatures , Microsoft is forced to rearrange its proposal. The group is committed first and foremost to fully repay its customers who would not be satisfied with the conditions of release of its Office 365 unlimited storage offer. For all users of free OneDrive accounts, it proposes to keep the storage capacity of 15 GB (with possibly the additional extra 15 GB that could be proposed) by going to this activation page (valid until as of January 31, 2016). “As for users of free OneDrive account with more than 5 GB of stored content, they are offered a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal with 1 TB of storage included (this offer will be sent by email in early 2016)” , recalls Microsoft.

Finally, it is clear that the Office 365 roadmap still indicates (as we write these lines) “an upcoming introduction of unlimited storage in OneDrive for Business”.