Big Data: Microsoft buys Metanautix to enrich Cortana

The publisher puts a hand on a technology designed to perform processing on structured or unstructured data regardless of their location.

Microsoft strengthens its technology portfolio in the field of data processing. He buys Metanautix. Based in Palo Alto, this small company of a few employees, founded in 2012, publishes a solution to query, via a SQL engine, structured or unstructured data regardless of the source system – cloud or internalized. It can be SQL servers , NoSQL, or business applications (like Salesforce).

The amount of the transaction has not been communicated (read the official post of this announcement ).

“Metanautix’s approach is to make a wide variety of queryable data available in SQL, the most widely used query language, and quickly with the ability to handle large volumes,” said Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of the business. Microsoft data. Metanautix’s technology needs to be integrated with the Cortana Analytics Suite (Cortana) and the  SQL Server database . “We will share in the coming months more details on these integrations,” says Joseph Sirosh.